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“A book is a gift you can open again and again.” - Garrison Keillor

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Hopefully you will visit often.   In the future we plan to have articles to ponder and events to keep you connected to our small publishing house where we have great books, big plans, and super-sized dreams.  


Kudos to author CHARLIE STEEL!

Charlie’s historical novel, TOM SHARP: The Man and the Legend, published by Condor Publishing, Inc., has been selected as an American Book Fest Finalist at the 20th Annual Best Book Awards.  As the press release stated, “The finalists were in competition with thousands of other books from around the world.”  


Now The Views

Why the name Condor for the publishing house?   Condors certainly haven’t been sighted gliding the winds above our peaceful, secluded, company location in a woods near Lincoln, Michigan—-nor have they been seen soaring on the winds coming off of Greenhorn Mountain over Condor Ranch in Southern Colorado (although there was a poor disoriented majestic vulture that landed near Colorado Springs.)   Condor was chosen because of it’s association with powerful cultural beliefs.   

The great Condor was a revered raptor by some Native American tribal chiefs who wore the feathers because they believed that the feathers imparted powers to humans—mainly divine wisdom.  The Condor represented death and grief—as well as rebirth and resurrection.  

Like the Condor, we believe that a good book imparts power and wisdom.  It can be a rebirth and resurrection that helps people face adversities.  It can educate, enlighten, entertain, and resurrect a new awakening in people.  It can be a best friend.  It can invite a child to love reading and become a life-long reader and lover of books.  It can make a difference in the way we honor, appreciate, and learn about our world.  A good book opens the door to the future.

At Condor Publishing, Inc. we make a solemn commitment to  publish clean family appropriate adult Westerns and children’s books.
(Yes, Westerns are often shoot ‘em ups, but you won’t find vulgar words or graphic romantic scenes in a book published by Condor.) Recently we have introduce a line of books honoring diversity.


The cabin is the main office where ideas and manuscripts become books.  We currently do not have an office or store front that is open to the public.  Condor Publishing, Inc. has a virtual bookstore where a reader can find all of our publications and purchase them through Amazon links. 

Publisher taking a break.

CONDOR RANCH (Southern Colorado)

Owned and operated by CONDOR PUBLISHING, INC.


The goal is to someday turn this beautiful ranch with its meadows, canyons, awesome views and wild game into a writer’s retreat.

Historical marker on the ranch – Site of an 1819 Spanish fort. (Sadly the sign has been destroyed by vandals.)

Walking the ranch that reaches two miles back into the far mountains.  Revisiting ways to put foundations to the dream of creating Condor Ranch Writer’s Retreat.  A place where history comes alive and authors can listen and hear the footsteps of Spanish soldiers, Charles Goodnight and his cattle, Ute Chief Ouray and Chipeta and their band that camped along the Huerfano River below, countless tribes and noted people who traveled the trail and crossed the ranch.

Checking out Condor Ranch and all its amazing beauty.

CONDOR PUBLISHING, INC. works hard to produce the best quality books possible.

“You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend.” – Paul Sweeney

No hunting allowed on Condor Ranch.  It’s home to antelope, mule deer, white tail deer, elk, bear, catamounts, and the biggest jack rabbits you have ever seen.