About Condor

“We may be small, but we represent the BEST!”
Condor Publishing, Inc. was born March 27, 2000, in a small log cabin in a beautiful enchanted woods in northeast Michigan. It was the writing studio of children’s author Gail Heath and the place where dreams and stories floated in the air before being captured. That day in March, an idea lingered, molded into reality, and foundations were laid. Condor Publishing, Inc. became a registered State of Michigan corporation.  The company, whose home base is still that small cabin in the woods, continues to expand and create books that hopefully will be read and treasured by many. The incredible power of modern technology makes it possible to carry on with the company business no matter where the publisher, authors, or many people involved in the ‘building’ of a book may be located.  

Because the company is small and the standards high, the acceptance of book submissions is rigid and limited.  Condor Publishing, Inc. publishes high-quality children’s books, family-appropriate adult Westerns, and Historical Fiction—with a new line of Social Justice books coming on board.

In 2004, the company expanded its base by purchasing a ranch in Southern Colorado, intending to create a writers’ retreat. That remains in the planning stage.

Thus, Condor  Publishing, Inc. remains a  small unpretentious house committed to publishing high-quality, “family-appropriate” books. Our books can be found in libraries and bookstores in many countries.  They are produced in paperback, hard cover, ebook, and we are currently expanding to audiobooks.

Our books are for sale though many venues, including this website.   Individuals may purchase directly using the links.  Buyers for stores, libraries, or for other large purchases, may contact the publisher for discount pricing at [email protected]

Gail (MacDermaid) Heath, the publisher of Condor Publishing, Inc., is also the author/illustrator of several children’s books, including the Accelerated Reader book INSIDE ME, SOMETIMES. Heath earned a BA in Fine Arts from Michigan State University and a MA in Creative Writing and Education from Central Michigan University.  In 2000, she established Condor Publishing, Inc. This company is committed to providing family-appropriate adult Westerns, historical fiction, and children’s book.  

A Michigan public school teacher for many years, Heath is at home in the classroom as well as when presenting before community groups.  She has had articles, poems, and stories published in anthologies, national and regional magazines and newspapers.  Heath was a recipient of the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference Award and a featured speaker at a Sundance Children’s Festival.

Gail Heath, currently a teacher for the Clark County School District, Las Vegas, Nevada, is a teacher trainer for Equity & Diversity.  She has also served on the advisory board of Teaching Tolerance, now called Learning for Justice (sponsored by the Southern Poverty Law Center).  Heath writes and actively speaks out against all types of social injustice: prejudice, bigotry, and racism.  She is expanding Condor Publishing, Inc. to include a line of books dedicated to honoring and celebrating all people—all diversity.