Desert Heat, Desert Cold And Other Tales Of The West

No matter the challenge or adversity, Charlie Steel’s characters attempt to do what is right. They are caught in disputes beyond their control and must utilize inner strength and faith as they struggle for survival. In this collection of seventeen stories, set mostly in the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies with its searing heat, numbing cold, limitless sky, endless prairie, and rising peaks—the land itself becomes a character. The tales are thrilling and unforgettable. When the last page is turned the reader will be disappointed that the journey has ended.

The Soul Gatherers

Thirteen Western Tales

THE SOUL GATHERERS: Thirteen Western Tales consists of thirteen thought-provoking Western stories. The Devil, Angels, and Spirits attempt to influence humans as they go about their daily lives. It is not a religious book; it is about people living the best way they know how on their pilgrimage to redemption or eternal damnation. “It’s unusual to see Western themes paired with those of faith and redemption, yet each story succeeds in capturing powerful elements of both. This collection is outstanding.” D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Strong Women Of The West


“Steel reveals the kind of grit and fierce will that sustained women through unimaginable hardships. These are the stories of our direct ancestors, those who settled the Old West, told by the girls and women who lived it.” – Amazon Reader Review

In Strong Women of the West, master storyteller Charlie Steel brings the spirit of adventure and hardship of the Wild West and American frontier to bear, with 13 Western short stories of powerful and inspirational pioneer women from the rugged western US in the late 1800s. From the exciting story of an independent rifle-toting gunslinger in Colorado to the gritty tale of a pregnant rancher; from trying account of a 5-year-old girl to the realism of an aging spinster’s recollections, this Western anthology transports fans of the Old West frontier directly into the stark realism and reckless danger of the period, from the unique first-person perspective of 13 brave women and girls who conquered fear and discrimination in the American West.

Three Days Under The Sun

( And Other Tales Of The Old West )

Humor! Romance! Adventure! Find it all in these fourteen Western short stories about pioneers, frontiersmen, ranchers, town builders, youths, tough bad men, and buffalo bone pickers. Each tale paints a vivid picture of men and women surviving insurmountable hardship against great odds in an attempt to do what is right. The heroic characters take decisive action when needed, helping others and themselves as they do their best to struggle in an untamed West.